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Publikationen | ebook: Mental Briefing Power (English)

ebook: Mental Briefing Power (English). The perfect mindset to write a good creative brief

16 Pages, Vol. 1 / 2018. Author: Monika Monzel (Editor)


Mental Briefing Power (English)
The perfect mindset to write a good creative brief

Author: Monika Monzel (Editor)
Publisher: AdCoach Marketing & Publishing Services, Cologne (
Language: English
Vol. 1 / Sept. 2018

16 pages, DIN A6 (eBook)
ISBN: 978-3-943369-02-1
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Free Download



When marketing becomes more complex, companies and their agencies are moving closer together.


The best results are always achieved as a team. Marketing managers and their creatives will also work more closely together in the briefing process. The classic "one-channel brief" is out of time – Co-working is the order of the day!


The basis for this is an attitude that promotes creativity on both sides.


The mini-book "Mental Briefing Power – The perfect mindset to write a good creative brief" explains five mental requirements for a good creative brief. It helps clients and agencies to find the right attitude in the creative process.



Mental Briefing Power – 5 creativity-promoting attitudes


1 #NoPerfectionism

Nothing is perfect right from the start! Good results are always achieved step by step.


2 #MinimumBrief

A creative brief is not a scientific paper. Ask for good advice and inspiration, then reduce the brief to the essentials!


3 #PitStop

Avoid endless correction loops, three rounds are enough! Dare to come to an end.


4 #TrustYourself

One cannot expect applause from everyone as long as several decision-makers are involved in the process. No reason to lose direction!


5 #Courage

If you don't dare to make mistakes, it's best to do nothing. In marketing, we should be brave, but we should also have an "error hygiene".


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